Although BlueBoard offers a first layer of analysis for your data, exporting may become necessary for record-keeping, reporting or further data analysis.

All reports and extracts are available in the Reports & Extracts section.

Raw data points

Download up to 90 days of raw data for a product set of your choice. 

Pick the timeframe that you are interested in to download a .csv file. The file will contain every data point that we have collected for the selected products at all selected retailers for the timeframe.

More about Exporting Raw Data Points

The Pricing Spreadsheet

The Pricing Spreadsheet contains a snapshot of the latest data we have gathered. However, you can click on Today to select any day in the past to get a snapshot of this specific day.

More about the Pricing Spreadsheet

The Prices History

To get hour by hour prices variations for one specific product, you can download the Prices History. Select the time period and retailers you are interested in. Then export the data to Excel (.xlsx or .csv). It is also possible to export the graph as an image.

More about Exporting the Prices History

The BlueBoard API

Use the API to export all the data that we gather (price, availability, reviews...) and hook it directly to your information system.

Read the API documentation

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