When adding a new product, you will be asked to enter Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (MSRPs) in several currencies.

MSRPs are used to determine price gap, a %-based price delta between your MSRP and the retailer pricing.

  • green: gap is below 2%
  • yellow: minor violation, gap is above 2% and below 10%
  • red: major violation, gap is above 10% and below 40%
  • black: extreme violation, gap is above 40%

A white background means that no MSRP has been set or that this product is currently not available at this retailer.

How to update your products MSRPs?

From your product dashboard, press the orange pencil at the bottom-right corner of the product zone. A pop-up will prompt. You can now edit both your product name and MSRPs. You cannot update MSRPs for competing products.

To date, BlueBoard supports 46 currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, NOK, SEK, ...).

If you have a large quantity of MSRPs to update, get in touch with us.
Note: only Administrators and Regular Users can update MSRPs (not read-only users).

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