What's the Buy Box?

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The Buy Box is the Add to Cart button on Amazon product pages. Most of the time, this button means the customer is buying a product that is either sold or at least shipped by Amazon.
However, on Amazon multiple sellers may be offering the same product. In some cases, the Buy Box will be attributed to an eligible third-party retailer. The choice is based on price and availability among other things.

Learn more about the Buy Box straight from Amazon.

Tracking the Buy Box attribution in BlueBoard

From Real-Time

Click on any product to go to the Real-Time tab. For Amazon stores, the Direct Price is boxed in red if Amazon is holding the Buy Box (the product is shipped by Amazon).
If the Marketplace Price is boxed, then it means the Buy Box is held by a marketplace seller.

You can hover the price to see the name of the marketplace seller.

From the raw data Export

To get detailed BuyBox information on a selection of products, navigate to the homepage of the dashboard. Optionally, use the filters to only select the Amazon Stores and/or a few products.
Once you are ready, click the Export button (see below).

Open the downloaded .csv in Excel and scroll to the right. The following columns will be displayed:

Amazon Buy Box -  Sold in Direct but Lost: Amazon is Selling the item but another seller has taken possession of the Buy Box.
Amazon Buy Box - Winner Name: Either Amazon or a marketplace seller depending on who won the Buy Box
Amazon Buy Box - Price: the price displayed next to the product, based on who won the Buy Box
Amazon Buy Box - Shipping Cost: if -1 is displayed, this mean we could not find a shipping cost.
Amazon Buy Box - Is Winner Direct?: yes if Amazon won the Buy Box, no if it is a Marketplace seller
Amazon Buy Box - Is Winner Lowest Mkt?: yes if the Buy Box was won by a marketplace seller AND this marketplace seller offered the lowest price of all. No in all other cases.
Amazon Buy Box - Someone Won?: no if the Buy Box was not attributed to any seller (there may still be some marketplace sellet, only Amazon did not deem them worthy of the Buy Box!). 

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