What is BlueBoard?

BlueBoard tracks products across all e-commerce websites. It makes it easy for brands and manufacturers to understand where and how their products are sold, all over the world.

What can I do with BlueBoard?

BlueBoard is an online dashboard that monitors online retailers.

  • See which retailers sell your products and your competitors'

  • Find where your products are out of stock

  • Compare prices with your competition

  • Help your retailers improve their product pages

  • Monitor and respond to reviews

  • Get real-time notifications

  • Automate e-commerce reporting

Who uses BlueBoard?

If your products are sold by third-party retailers, then we made BlueBoard for you. Many roles in a company find that BlueBoard helps streamline their workflow and make better e-commerce decisions.

STEP 1: Login to your BlueBoard account

If you have not been invited, request an invite from an admin. Click the link in your invite email to create your account. Then login with your email and password.

STEP 2: Check the current state of your distribution

We built the homepage of your dashboard to provide an instant overview of your distribution. It displays a summary of your products' availability, prices and reviews. On the right, the Alerts Live Stream shows the latest changes for the selected products. The Real-time Monitoring brings up potential issues with your distribution.
Most of the info on your dashboard can be clicked for more details.

STEP 3: Refine all your searches with filters

All the information in BlueBoard can be sorted with the products filter and the main filter.

Products can be sorted based on their properties with Filter by Products. By default, you have access to all the products of your company. If you only work on a specific form factor or range, you'll want to filter to these specific products.

To narrow down any search, use the main filter. Input countries, retailers and currencies.

Filters are persistent through the app.

STEP 4: Dig into a specific product

BlueBoard gives you access to a wealth of data at the product level. Click on a individual product to get a closer look at its retailers, history etc.

STEP 5: Customize your email alerts

With good email alerts, you can seat back and manage your distribution right from your inbox. Make sure your Email Alerts setup matches your needs.

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