What is BlueBoard?

BlueBoard tracks products across all e-commerce websites. It makes it easy for brands and manufacturers to understand where and how their products are sold, all over the world.

What can I do with BlueBoard?

We built BlueBoard with brands, manufacturers (and distributors representing them) in mind. When a company relies on third-party retailers for its e-commerce distribution, keeping track of everything is often a struggle. BlueBoard collects essential data from all retailers and gathers it all in one place.

  • See which retailers sell your products and your competitors'

  • Find where your products are out of stock

  • Compare prices with your competition

  • Help your retailers improve their product pages

  • Monitor and respond to reviews

  • Get real-time notifications

  • Automate e-commerce reporting

Who uses BlueBoard?

Many roles in a company find that BlueBoard helps streamline their workflow and make better e-commerce decisions:

  • Sales executives use BlueBoard to avoid shortages and monitor prices

  • Product managers use BlueBoard to monitor their product launches

  • C-level executives use BlueBoard to get an overview of their distribution

  • Marketing managers use BlueBoard to monitor and maintain their brand online

  • Customer service representatives use BlueBoard to find and answer user reviews

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