Product pages each have different statuses and wordings to indicate if a product is available, when it will ship, etc. In BlueBoard we use 8 stock statuses to group all these different cases.

In Stock

The product is available and ships immediately.

Out of Stock

The product is not available and cannot be bought.


The product is only available through 3rd party retailers.


The site indicates that a low number of units is available.

Ships Later

The product can be bought but will only be shipped after a few days. This usually happens when the retailer is expecting a reassortment.


The product has not yet been released but can be bought today and will be shipped on release day.

In-Store (rare)

The product cannot be bought online but is available in a physical shop.

Customer ZIP (rare)

Availability depends on the ZIP entered by the shopper.


Our system could not interpret the availability status of the page.

Andon Cord (rare)

Specific to Amazon. The product has been flagged and is pending resolution by the support team. It cannot be bought from Amazon. Read more on the Andon Cord.

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