Exporting raw data points is one of the data extraction methods offered by BlueBoard.

BlueBoard scrapes millions of product pages everyday. Whenever our systems detect that something has changed on a page, we collect about 30 data points and make a new entry in our database.

Our customers have the ability to download these data entries for the products they monitor. Here's how to do it and how to interpret the output file.

Note: for performance reasons, this features is limited to one datapoint per day, per product and per retailer.

Filtering to right perimeter

Head to the main dashboard.
First, narrow down the displayed products with Filter by Products and the main dashboard filter. The export will be restricted to the products you choose and the countries/retailers/currencies you selected.

Downloading the raw data

From the Real-time Monitoring section of the main dashboard, hover the export button and select the appropriate timeframe. Real-time raw data will only export the latest data point for each pair of product/retailer.

Note: downloading for a vast perimeter on an extended timeframe may take a little time.

Interpreting the exported file

The file download is a .csv. It does not require column separation.
Every column is a type of datapoint, and each line contains the latest datapoint of every day for a pair of product/retailer.

Here is the list of columns:

  • Date
  • Brand
  • Product Name
  • Variation: usually color, size or capacity
  • Full Product Name
  • EAN
  • SKU
  • Retailer Name
  • Retailer URL
  • Retailer Country Code
  • Product URL: the URL from which we retrieved the data
  • Price Listed: when available, the "official price" of the product as displayed by the retailer (usually when offering a lower price). This may be different from the MSRP as it is chosen by the retailer.
  • Price Current: the current retail price by the retailer
  • Price 3rd Party: the lowest Marketplace price for a New item
  • Price Currency
  • MSRP: the product MSRP as recorded in BlueBoard
  • MSRP Delta Price Current: (Price Current - MSRP) / MSRP
  • MSRP Delta Price 3rd Party: (Price 3rd Party - MSRP) / MSRP
  • Direct Stock Status: the stock status displayed on the product page
  • Sold By: the vendor name (can be different from the Retailer Name in case of a Marketplace vendor)
  • Reviews Average
  • Review Count: total amount of reviews indicated for this product
  • Date - Row Created At: the date and time when our system first scraped the page in this exact state
  • Date - Row Last Updated At: the date and time when our system last scraped the page in this exact state
  • Date - File Generated On: the time when the export was requested
  • Amazon Buy Box - ¬†Sold in Direct but Lost: Amazon is Selling the item but another seller has taken possession of the Buy Box.
  • Amazon Buy Box - Winner Name: Either Amazon or a marketplace seller depending on who won the Buy Box
  • Amazon Buy Box - Price: the price displayed next to the product, based on who won the Buy Box
  • Amazon Buy Box - Shipping Cost: if -1 is displayed, this mean we could not find a shipping cost.
  • Amazon Buy Box - Is Winner Direct?: yes if Amazon won the Buy Box, no if it is a Marketplace seller
  • Amazon Buy Box - Is Winner Lowest Mkt?: yes if the Buy Box was won by a marketplace seller AND this marketplace seller offered the lowest price of all. No in all other cases.
  • Amazon Buy Box - Someone Won?: no if the Buy Box was not attributed to any seller (there may still be some marketplace seller, only Amazon did not deem them worthy of the Buy Box!).
  • Marketplace Name: the name of the lowest-price Marketplace retailer
  • Marketplace Shipping Cost
  • Marketplace Vendor Page
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