The Pricing History is a powerful BlueBoard feature. For a given product, it displays all past price points by each retailers.

BlueBoard users capitalize on this feature to:

  • Understand the evolution of a product's market price from launch to end of lifecycle
  • Figure out the dynamic pricing strategies of their retailers
  • Identify market leaders and market followers
  • Compare the price points of similar or competing products

Note: for performance reasons, you are only able to display about 4 months of historical data. If you need more history, get in touch!

1- Select a retailer

This dropdown menu displays all the retailers that had the product on their site during the selected timeframe. Select a retailer that you wish to compare to the others.

2- Select other retailers to compare

Toggle other retailers on or off to display their respective price lines on the graph. If you are looking to understand the dynamic pricing strategies, it might be useful to compare a handful of pricing lines from retailers in the same country.

3- Select the time frame

Use these buttons to adjust the timeframe.

4- Adjust the timeframe

Use the white buttons to adjust the timeframe to exact starting and ending dates.

5- Select a second product

Choose a second product (similar product, competing product) to display its price graphs.

6- Export data

Export the price points of the selected retailers for the selected timeframe. Read Exporting the Prices History for more details.

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