If you’re a brand or a manufacturer, you and your team probably have a hard time monitoring online retailers and staying up speed on who’s selling your product, how much they’re selling it for, and if it’s even in stock.

What if smart robots could crunch the data and send you actionable intel?

Introducing BlueBoard! 

An E-Commerce monitoring dashboard offering a reliable view of your online distribution.

Using a mix of artificial intelligence and human judgement, we hunt for your products all over the world. Then, we train robots to continually scan the product pages for the freshest data. They never get tired and let you know as soon as anything changes.

BlueBoard helps you:

  • Find out which retailers have exhausted their stock.

  • Compare your prices with competition.

  • Identify product page mistakes.

  • Spot terrible pack shots in seconds.

  • Respond to consumer reviews as they come.

  • Print out weekly reports to see how your brand is doing.

  • Set up email alerts to react fast whenever something goes wrong.

  • And finally, get the full picture of your online distribution at a glance.

From the launch of your product to the end of its lifecycle, you will:

  • Increase sales and margins,

  • improve your brand image,

  • save time for your entire team,

  • and make better e-commerce decisions overall.

See for yourself why dozens of brands, big and small, use BlueBoard to build a better, stronger distribution network with information they can trust.

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