The BlueBoard Report is a 3-page report that sums up the availability, prices and review scores of your most important products, at your most important retailers.

It can be sent to you on a regular basis, either daily, weekly or monthly.

How to read the report

Availability Report

The first page of the report lets you find out where your products are assorted and detect potential anomalies.

Here is how to read the cells:

  • Green: the product is assorted and in stock
  • Red: the product is not in stock; it might be sold out, in preorder, etc.
  • Grey: we have never detected the product at this retailer.
  • Pink: the product is only available from marketplace vendors.
  • Circled cell: there has been a change since the last report in this cell.

The totals are read this way:

  • Total assortment: percentage of retailers that have a page for this product
  • Total in stock: percentage of green cells in the column (retailers that have stock).

Pricing Report

The second page displays all pricing information for the products.

Here is how to read the color-coding:

  • Yellow: the lowest-priced retailer for each product, in each country
  • Green: the highest-priced retailer
  • When a price is greyed, it means a price is displayed but the product is out of stock. These prices are not counted as potential highest or lowest.
  • A grey cell means the product was never detected at this retailer.
  • A pink price means the price is a marketplace price.

Ratings Report

When reviews are available on a site, they will be displayed in this report. In each cell we display the normalized (5-star equivalent) rating for the page, and the number of reviews in brackets. The colors depend on the average.

Set up a new BlueBoard Report

From any page, head to Reports & Extracts. On the left side of the page, click Add New Report.

  • Pick products or groups of products. 
  • If you have already configured a custom group of products, you can start report creation directly from the Overview tab to pre populate the relevant products (use the button + Create).
  • Select your most important retailers. In the report, they will be grouped by countries.
  • Select the frequency at which you want to receive the reports. It will be either daily, weekly or monthly.
  • (optional) Select additional recipients. They must be other BlueBoard users.

You will get a recap screen from which you can confirm the creation of your report.
Upon creating a new report, a test version will be sent to you immediately. You can use it to check the look of it and optionally make some edits.

Mute or delete BlueBoard Reports

From the Reports & Extracts page, you can delete or mute reports by using the buttons at the end of each report block.

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