Email notifications are a core feature of BlueBoard. When set up properly, they can become the most efficient way to monitor your entire distribution.

They can be managed from Notifications in the app.

Default notification setup

3 notifications are enabled by default when your account is created.

Availability — Daily: a daily update about changes in stock statuses.
Price Drops 10% — Daily: a daily recap of all prices that dropped by 10% or more.
User Reviews — Daily: all the reviews that BlueBoar detected over the last 24 hours.

By default, these notifications are scoped for all your products and all your retailers.

Muting or deleting a notification

Notifications can be temporarily muted or permanently deleted. Hover the notification then click either the bell to mute or the bin to delete (deletion is permanent).

Creating or editing a notification

To create a new notification, click on + Add New Notification in the top-right corner. To edit a notification, simply click it and chose Edit Notification.

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