How many of your products made it to the 1st page? Which competitor brands are you sharing the shelf with?

With Share of Search, understand which proportion of the shelf is attributed to each brand, one key search term at a time. 

There are three different visuals in this section. 

1. Share of Search shows you the real time picture of the first page of search results at any given combination of keyword and retailer. 

2. Comparison allows you to compare the data between two dates.

3. Brands Trend displays how each brand’s share has evolved chronologically day on day, throughout the same period. 

Keyword/retailer combination

Select from a list of all combinations of keyword and retailer in the dropdown menu. 

Open in new window

Click the icon to the right of the keyword/retailer combination bar to visit the page of search results live on the e-tailer’s website.


Underneath each graph you can select or deselect brands to adjust which data points you compare.

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