Tracking Best Sellers pages (such as those on Amazon) is a great way to stay on top of trends in your categories. New entrants could be the result of product launches, significant marketing investment or simply great products making their way up. In all cases, you should keep a look a the list to stay on top of trends in your market.

You'll get an overview of the 50 top products listed in the each Best Seller category page.

Choose the category of a best sellers page you want to have a look at.


Adjust the timeframe for comparison. We’ll compare the chosen brand’s share of shelf between the start and end of each period.


The name displayed in the title of the product page. Click through to go to the e-tailer’s listing on site. 


The average star rating and rating count for this product page (if available).


The advertised price for the product page. 

Under Monitoring

Shows you if we are tracking the product's page or not on BlueBoard.

View Trend

If you hover over the numbers in the "Position" column the "View trend" link will appear:

This will show you the Ranking History of a specific product in this category page. You can zoom in or zoom out to have a closer or wider look of a specific period of time.

Organic ranking: each data point collected hourly
Organic ranking trend: rolling average

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