With Filters, you can go from viewing all data to viewing just the data you need.

STEP 1: Narrow down your products scope with Filter by Products

Products in BlueBoard have attributes. Examples of attributes are:

  • Form Factor (Internal HDD, Earphones, Babyphone...)
  • Product Range (Safety, Comfort, 2017...)
  • Capacity (2L, 1TB, 256GB...)
  • Color
  • SKU (1 SKU equals 1 product)

Input parameters in all fields until the products you see match the products you care about. To go further, you can create and save groups of SKUs to go back to this view in one click.

Step 2: Focus on your perimeter with the main filter

The main filter at the top of the app is a cumulative filter for countries, retailers and currencies. Type in countries or retailers to focus on them specifically.

The filter will keep your parameters even if you change screens or dive into one product.

Example searches that you can type in:

  • Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk
  • China, Japan, South Korea

You can also mix countries, currencies and retailers. In that case, the filters will work in addition :

  • EUR, Amazon.com: this will display all shops in EUR + Amazon.com.

Remember that if you have any question you can contact us by clicking the blue button on the bottom right of your screen. We will answer quickly.

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