From the homepage of your dashboard, BlueBoard displays an Overview of your products' availability, prices and reviews. On the right, the Alerts Live Stream shows the latest changes for the selected products. The Real-time Monitoring brings up potential issues with your distribution.


The 3 donuts display an overview of the product pages. In the example above, 43% of product pages followed have their product in stock. 12% have a star average below 3 stars.

Mouse over the donuts for additional details. For more details about the colors, read this article.

Click on a donut category to drill down. For instance, you can use it to check all online retailers with a major price gap.

Alerts Live Stream

This feed displays the most recent significant changes (a price was changed, a product went out of stock). Choose what you want to see with the dropdown menu at the top.

Real-time Monitoring

Displays the list of products that match your filters. For each product, hover your mouse over the elements for a list of availability issues, price gaps etc. You can click on each product to get more information.

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