We developed an API (Application Programming Interface) for BlueBoard's data. In non-developer language, an API is a code interface that lets your developers take in real time BlueBoard's data and display it in your own Information System.

How can you take advantage of it?

This allows you to monitor your products at your retailers' websites in the same place you already use every day. Therefore, the information is easier to access for you and for your team. 

Thanks to the API, you will be more aware of what your e-tailers are doing and with less effort.

What kind of information can I get from the API?

Simple, with the API you can access all of BlueBoard's data on your products - everything that you see in the web app.

Where can I find out more this API? 

You will find here our official API documentation which details the code you need to make it work. Nonetheless, you will need a key to activate it. 

Contact us at support@blueboard.io if you have any questions on setting up the API.

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