A Little Bit of History

The Andon Cord is one of the key lean principles in Post World War II Japan especially in Toyota factories. When workers noticed a major issue, they would pull the Andon Cord to stop production until the issue is dealt with. The system aims at improving overall quality.

Today at Amazon

Nowadays it has been implemented at the most famous online retailer: Amazon. When there are too many bad reviews about a product Amazon will stop its direct sells and contact the manufacturer. Marketplace sells will go on, though.

How to deal with Amazon's Andon Cord?

It might take several days for Amazon to contact you in case of Andon Cord during which your product will not be available for sale. Most of the time Andon Cords are triggered for no valid reason and simply hinder sales.

BlueBoard keeps track of Andon Cords stock statuses, although they are pretty rare.

If BlueBoard flags an Andon Cord availability status on one of your products you should pro-actively reach out to Amazon to reduce the damage.

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