As customers are browsing more pages, and faster, catching their attention gets more tricky. Content Performance allows you to manage page content to ensure that the content posted (title, description, pictures etc) is consistent and complies with your brand guidelines.

With this feature, create content tracker rules and monitor how the content compliance score evolves over time for text description, media and ratings.

The Overview

You'll find the list of all the content trackers rules displaying the global content compliance score for each category: text description, media and ratings.

Content tracker

A content tracker is created by setting up different compliance rules in your dashboard. It can either be public (company-wide) or private (visible to you only) and includes:

  • The title of the content tracker (eg: "Amazon Best Sellers 2020")

  • The timeframe you want to analyse

  • The content compliance global score ("All Rules") and by category

  • The total of rules configured per category (eg: "Rules #1", "Rule #2" etc)

  • The last data update time can be found at the bottom of the page

It is possible to create as many content trackers as needed.

Content compliance score

This score indicates the percentage of compliance and the different colours stand for the following:

  • Green, the score is over 80% of rules passed

  • Orange, the score is between 50 and 80% of rules passed

  • Red, the score is below 50% of rules passed

  • Dark overlay and no indicator, means no rules have been set up

Customise your trackers

Adjust the dates, retailers and content tracker rules to single out non-compliant product pages and leverage your products' content consistency. You can also duplicate and delete the trackers and even download the raw data.

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