You are about to prepare a meeting with a retailer and you want to have an overview of the quarter? Or even better, strong and documented arguments?

Discover the Retailer Analysis from BlueBoard!

It will give you a good overview of a retailer's behavior over the last quarter (100 days). You can use it effectively to challenge your retailers by bringing practical and strong arguments to the table. 

We will explain here how to use it and what you can do with it.

How to use the retailer analysis

First of all, choose a brand, here in red, and a retailer, in blue, in the search bar on top of your screen. You can only focus on one retailer at a time in order to make the graphs relevant.

The retailer's availability history chart: 

This chart gives you a deep dive on the availability of your products. In the blink of an eye, check if you did a good job during this year's special occasions:
did you have many OoS during Xmas? How many Andon Cords this year? 

This will allow you to develop practical arguments for your retailers to make sure that your products will be more available during important periods or to prepare properly for the launch of a new product.

Just below this chart you will notice two columns

  • New listing: the products that were added recently to this retailer.
  • Availability rate: use it to go into detail on each product.

The retailer's price history chart: 

Use this chart to have a clear overview of your products' price gaps over the last 100 days.

In one second, you know how good your pricing was over a given period. Simple but very effective, you should have one goal: see more green! Here is a reminder of our color code for prices:

  • green: everything's fine, gap is below 2%
  • yellow: minor violation, gap is above 2% and below 10%
  • red: major violation, gap is above 10% and below 40%
  • black: extreme violation, gap is above 40%

Please note that we only display is available products' prices as retailers tend to lower their price when a product is out of stock.

The retailer's reviews history chart: 

This chart gives you products' review ratings average at one retailer. It is more of a long term tool to make sure that your ratings go up. Implement it in your online ratings strategic approach for maximum value.

Here are three quick points to make the most out of the charts:

  • At the top of each chart you can check the status you consider interesting. 
  • When you hover your mouse over the chart it will display the detail on each status on that day. 
  • By default, you have 100 days of history, but don't forget to zoom in on a specific time using the the grey bar or your mouse (see gif bellow)

Remember that if you have any questions you can contact us by clicking the blue button on the bottom right of your screen. We will answer quickly.

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