Share reports and notifications to provide other users on your account with edit access.

In order to do so, navigate to the reports or notifications tab and hover over the report you'd like to share. Click "Share this report".

Once a user has been invited to edit a report or a notification, they will be able to:

  • Modify the products and the retailers

  • Modify the title

  • Add or remove other users as recipients

They will not be able to:

  • Add a retailer and a product outside the scope of the report

  • Modify the visibility of the scope

  • Modify the topic of the notification

  • Delete a report

  • Disable a report

Important: reports and notifications can only be shared if:

  • they are not private

  • they don't include a private group of retailers or products

  • the user's scope includes all the regions included in the report or notification

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