Listing of the third-party sellers

The 3P Sellers tab provides a list of all the third-party sellers offering a given product, as well as various datapoints for each seller.

This feature helps Brand Analytics users to:

  • Have visibility on all the sellers offering their products

  • Understand the pricing strategy of these sellers

  • Identify the market leaders

Brand Analytics provides you with an exhaustive list of the sellers of each product at a given retailer. The datapoints that we provide for each offer are as follows:

  • First listed at: the first time that Brand Analytics detected the offer among the list

  • Mkt Price: the price applied by the third-party seller on the item

  • Direct Price: the direct price (if applicable) at that retailer for the selected product

  • Seller's Ratings: when available, the average seller rating and the total number of ratings

  • Selling: if the seller is currently listed (Now) or has been listing in the last 30 days (Unavailable)

Based on all this information, you can define in the dropdown menu in the "Status" column whether the seller is "Authorized" or "Forbidden" to sell the product.

Price history of the third-party sellers

You can analyze the price strategy of the third-party sellers over the last 30 days by navigating to the bottom of the page.

By default, this chart displays the sellers with the lowest average price over the time period, but you can toggle between the full list of sellers by clicking on their name underneath the chart.

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