The Daily Best Offer feature is accessible from the product view of any product.

This tab helps you identify which retailer was offering the best deal to the customers of a given country over the last 100 days.

Begin by picking a country in the top filter.

On this example, we see how the Best Offer in the USA for the Beats Studio 3 varied between early February and mid May.

For each day, mouse over the graph to see which retailers was the most competitive. When mousing over a decrease in the graph, the name of the retailer providing the new best offer is displayed.

The Product Distribution tab is very useful to: 

  • Understand which retailers stay close to the Market price of your products.
  • Understand the dynamic pricing strategies of your retailers

Below the graph is a table of the best Market Players of the last 100 days:

The Market Price Score is computed based on the price-behavior of a retailer. Each retailer gets points based on the following actions:

  • New Best Offer: the retailer set its price to make it the most competitive (5 points)
  • Days at Best Offer: during a given day, a retailer was offering the most competitive price (2 points per day)
  • Days Close to Best Offer: during a given day, a retailer was within 4% of the most competitive price (1 point per day)

A price is not counted as competitive while it is within 5% of MSRP.

The retailer with the most points gets a Score of 100%, and the others get a score proportionately.

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